Geological exploration

Exploration phases

Geological exploration of oil reserves starts with prospecting. It is carried out within a license block and includes analysis of geophysical information and a seismic survey. The end positive result is the discovery of a field. The next phase is prospecting work to confirm the presence of the necessary category of reserves. Neftisa also performs appraisal work. This is performed if there are signs of new deposits in the section. The method of comprehensive reinterpretation of the whole array of geological information is used and new definitions for identified formation are performed. Based on the results of the work, an exploratory well may be drilled, or a new payout bed tested. If successful, the reserves are entered in the books.

Geological exploration indicators

Neftisa has 91 oil fields and 109 license blocks. Nine new blocks have been acquired based on the results of tenders.

The growth of А+В1+В2+С1+С2 category reserves during 2016 was 23 million tons. This volume compensated production by 332.4%.

The total volume of seismic survey work using 3D technique was 501 km² in 2016.

13 exploratory wells were drilled in 2016, and significant growth of reserves and production was obtained based on their results.


To explore the field, Neftisa uses the seismic survey data integration method with 2D and 3D techniques based on the results of exploration drilling. Analysis of geological and geophysical materials regarding adjacent licensed territories must also be performed—the so-called analogy method.

The indicator of annual international evaluation of the size Neftisa economic reserves size is steadily growing. This is mainly due to successful geological exploration. New reserves allow compensating for annual production.


22 november 2017

Детско-юношеский хоккей в Удмуртии получит на развитие 450 млн рублей
21 november 2017

Благотворительный фонд «САФМАР» М.С. Гуцериева поддержит развитие детско-юношеского хоккея в Удмуртии

16 november 2017

«Уралнефтесервис» за первые десять месяцев года профинансировал реализацию социальных проектов более чем на 3 млн. рублей

09 november 2017

«Нефтиса» открыла пять новых месторождений

07 november 2017

Нефтиса за 10 месяцев 2017 г за счет программ по сокращению затрат получила экономический эффект в объеме более 500 млн руб

10 october 2017

CanBaikal LLC, Untygejskoe oil field

10 october 2017

JSC NNG, Verkh-Tarskoye

03 october 2017

Гендиректором «Белкамнефти» в Удмуртии избрали Дмитрия Арсибекова

04 september 2017

Команда АО «Белкамнефть» им. А.А. Волкова – участник благотворительного забега

02 august 2017

Генеральный директор АО «НК «Нефтиса» А.Л. Зарубин прибыл с рабочим визитом в город Ижевск

04 july 2017

На месторождениях АО «Белкамнефть» имени А.А. Волкова добыта 2-х миллионная тонна нефти

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