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JSC NK Neftisa is a dynamically developing Russian oil company that is part of Industrial-Financial Group SAFMAR.

The company was founded in 2008. The company's main activities are exploration of hydrocarbon fields, oil production, and sales. The company's global reach covers several large regions of the Russian Federation: Samara Region, Novosibirsk Region, Tyumen Region, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District, Perm Territory, Udmurtian Republic, and Komi Republic. Neftisa is a holding company for several production companies.

Mikhail Gutseriyev, SAFMAR Chairman of the Board of Directors, has played a key role in Neftisa's management since its foundation.

Proprietary extraction infrastructure with minimum dependence on external factors

Oil production volume

6.92million tons

Number of employees


Production companies


License areas (blocks)


* 2016 data

Significant resource base with a high reserve replacement ratio

Oil reserves

346million tons

Gas reserves

12,2billion m³

3D seismic survey total volume


9 new areas (blocks) acquired with oil reserves

6.37million tons

* 2016 data

Neftisa is dynamically developing, increasing its volumes of reserves, and discovering new hydrocarbon fields. In 2016, the ABC1+C2 oil reserves came to 23 million tons. It increased annual oil production 3.3 times.

Today, Neftisa performs geological exploration works and produces oil at 109 license blocks. The stock of operating wells stands at 2,500. In addition, the total recoverable oil reserves currently amount to 346.09 million tons. Neftisa is focused on developing so-called average assets with substantial potential for growth of current production and reserves.

The company has a reputation as a responsible taxpayer and reliable borrower, it conducts an active social and environmental policy and implements charity projects. The company's financial guarantees are secured by stable development trends and growth of basic production indicators.


23 january 2019

A new kindergarten entered into operation in the village of Severnoye

22 january 2019

The opening of the multifunctional indoor hockey centre in Sigayevo, Republic of Udmurtia

09 january 2019

Usinsk administration has awarded JSC Komnedra with another honorary certificate

21 december 2018

Continuous improvement system as one of the priority directions of Neftisa Group

20 december 2018

JSC NK Neftisa took part in the New Year Wish Tree 2018 charity action

19 december 2018

The first Children's and Youth Hockey Tournament named after M. T. Kalashnikov came to an end in Udmurtia
13 november 2018

Kalashnikov hockey tournament started in Izhevsk

22 october 2018

The economic benefit of energy efficiency measures has amounted to 38.5 million rubles for the first 9 months of 2018.

19 october 2018

Neftisa took part in the Russian Energy Week

18 october 2018

Belkamneft launches the oil-industry-oriented educational program

28 september 2018

Neftisa plans to participate in the Russian energy week

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