Company history

Neftisa has been operating for more than 9 years, with an emphasis on principles of social responsibility. Priorities of the company are safe production organization, environmental protection, improvement of life quality and development of potential of the company's employees, improvement of socio-economic conditions in the regions of its presence.


At the beginning of 2017, Neftisa had recoverable reserves of 346 million tons. Due to successful geological exploration works, economic reserves increased by 23 million tons. In March, Neftegazpromtech LLC became a member of the Group. The company produces oil at Nizhne-Chutinskoye oil field in Komi Republic. In 2017, Neftisa Group of companies plans to produce 6,752 million tons of oil.


Oil production increased by 2% as compared with the previous year. Total oil production for the year was 6.92 million tons. Nine new areas (blocks) were acquired with АВС1+С2 category oil expected reserves of 6.37 million tons. In 2016, the company discovered two oil fields in Samara Region. Neftisa was also involved in seismic exploration research in Untygeyskoye and Yezhovskoye oil fields and Skalgurtskoye license block.


To optimize management, the company started reorganizing subsidiary associated companies. Neftisa successfully implemented multistage hydraulic fracturing (MSHF) technology during horizontal well completion. At the same time, licenses were acquired in the Urals-Volga region with С1+С2 category oil total expected reserves of 4 million tons; a new oil field opened in Severno-Bazarnaya area with expected reserves of 0.9 million tons. Reserve replacement ratio at year-end amounted to 277% for С1+С2 and 133% for 2Р. Production level in 2015 amounted to 6.81 million tons.


In June 2014, the oil-producing assets on the company's books were consolidated, and Neftisa became the owner of 17 oil production enterprises; by the end of the year, this number reached 37. Annual oil production volume reached 6 846 000 tons, and 64 new wells were put into operation.


Neftisa becomes the owner and management company for oil production enterprises. During the year, three oil production enterprises became 100% members of the company: Yurskneft LLC, Uralnefteservis LLC, and Standart-Nafta LLC. Annual oil production volume amounted to 722,000 tons, net profit amounted to RUB 1.45 billion. Eight new wells were put into operation.


The company continues to only support other oil production enterprises in their activities.


For the first time, the company revenue increased up to RUB 25 billion. Net profit increased to RUB 358.7 million due to an increase in oil sales.


On April 15, 2010, JSC NK SAFMAR was renamed JSC NK Neftisa. From this time, the company focused on working in the Russian market.


JSC NK SAFMAR was founded April 7, 2008. The company was engaged in oil sales in the domestic market and provided operator and supervising services.

JSC NK Neftisa today is a

  • Stable company with a strong position in the industry and excellent development potential
  • Responsible taxpayer carrying out active social policies
  • Reliable borrower
  • Effective team of high-profile managers
  • Environmentally responsible company

For more detailed information about the company's current status, see section

Neftisa today


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