Neftisa is actively involved in charity work and considers it to an important constituent of a socially responsible business.

Neftisa is actively involved in charity work and considers it to an important constituent of a socially responsible business.

Neftisa implements charity projects in the regions where it operates. When making business decisions, the company not only takes into account economic factors but also social and environmental ones.

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The company considers clean and safe production to be a priority as well as preserving traditions and the way of life in the regions where the company operates.

Initiatives in improving the quality of education and improving the preservation of cultural heritage make up a significant part of Neftisa's charity projects.

Neftisa helps build sports grounds for children and state-of-the-art health facilities

Neftisa enterprises pay attention to social issues in territories where they operate. In addition to traditional areas of charitable assistance, the companies provide targeted assistance when requested and conclude agreements with territorial authorities so that they can receive information on the need for assistance. In this way, Neftisa manages to participate in various social projects – from road repairs to holding city and village public events. The company's social programs are aimed at providing material support to veterans, seniors, and vulnerable sections of the population.

Support for SAFMAR charity fund projects is a significant part of Neftisa's charity responsibility


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