Drilling and oil production


Neftisa drills and produces oil in all the regions where it is present: in Western Siberia, the Republic of Udmurtia, Perm Territory, Novosibirsk Region, Samara Region, and Komi Republic. Drilling is the most efficient but the most capital-intensive method for increasing oil production. This is why we are constantly searching for solutions for optimizing primary processes and reducing drilling costs while maintaining or even increasing key indicators.

Drilling indicators

116 wells in 2016, including 103 production wells and 13 exploratory wells
The production wells consist of 28 horizontal wells and 75 directional wells
Production drilling footage is about 274,000 m, exploratory drilling footage is 24,500 m

Oil production

After completion of the drilling phase, the internal well pad infrastructure and oil production support system are created. Neftisa uses an individual approach to each well taking into account all its characteristics to select equipment as efficiently as possible. This allows stimulating production in future using unique oil recovery enhancement methods. Such a strategy helps reduce operating costs.

Neftisa is developing technologies for single tubing selective production of two or more beds in one well. This significantly increases development efficiency. Such technologies propose using two pumps in one well. They help save energy and reduce oilfield construction costs.

Company experts are constantly researching the latest global oil production technologies implementing innovations and energy-saving methods.

Oil production indicators

Total oil production in 2016 was almost 7 million tons, including

JSC Komnedra, 569,000 t
CanBaikal LLC, 1,051,000 t
JSC Novosibirskneftegaz, 261,000 t
JSC Belkamneft named after A. A. Volkov, 4,104,000 t
JSC UNS, 234,000 t
JSC Samarainvestneft, 401,000 t


22 november 2017

Детско-юношеский хоккей в Удмуртии получит на развитие 450 млн рублей

21 november 2017

Благотворительный фонд «САФМАР» М.С. Гуцериева поддержит развитие детско-юношеского хоккея в Удмуртии

16 november 2017

«Уралнефтесервис» за первые десять месяцев года профинансировал реализацию социальных проектов более чем на 3 млн. рублей

09 november 2017

«Нефтиса» открыла пять новых месторождений

07 november 2017

Нефтиса за 10 месяцев 2017 г за счет программ по сокращению затрат получила экономический эффект в объеме более 500 млн руб

10 october 2017

CanBaikal LLC, Untygejskoe oil field

10 october 2017

JSC NNG, Verkh-Tarskoye

03 october 2017

Гендиректором «Белкамнефти» в Удмуртии избрали Дмитрия Арсибекова

04 september 2017

Команда АО «Белкамнефть» им. А.А. Волкова – участник благотворительного забега

02 august 2017

Генеральный директор АО «НК «Нефтиса» А.Л. Зарубин прибыл с рабочим визитом в город Ижевск

04 july 2017

На месторождениях АО «Белкамнефть» имени А.А. Волкова добыта 2-х миллионная тонна нефти

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