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“Neftisa” Summed up Results of the Young Specialists Conference

18 july 2022

     On July 15, 2022, management of the “Neftisa” group of companies summed up the results of the practical conference for young specialists – employees of the company not older than 35 years. The Conference is a traditional corporate event that allows young professionals from the Group's subsidiaries to present their projects to optimize production costs and increase productivity.
     The conference of young specialists was divided in two stages. At first, the ideas of employees were considered at the level of individual companies that are part of the «Neftisa» structure. According to the results of this stage, the reports of 14 specialists representing six enterprises of the Group were noted. The winners of the first stage had the opportunity to present their reports in the format of an online presentation to a jury consisting of eight heads of specialized areas of the parent company.
     Each report was evaluated according to several criteria: relevance of the topic, the possibility of introduction into production, economic and technological efficiency of the solution, etc. On the basis of those criteria the total number of points of each speaker was formed.
The winner of the conference with a report on determining the causes of flooding of producing wells by graphoanalytic methods was Victoria Zyambakhtina. Victoria has been working at Belkamneft JSC named after A.A. Volkov for seven years, and now holds the position of leading engineer of the Hydrodynamic Modeling Division of the Development Department. Her idea of applying empirical dependencies in the production process did not leave the jury indifferent and allowed Victoria to receive the highest award.
     The second place at the Conference of Young Specialists was taken by Sofia Kshnyaikina from “Sladkovsko-Zarechnoe” LLC. The third place was given to two reports at once: Vladislav Emelianenko from “CanBaikal” LLC and the joint work of Rustam Yamaletdinov and Timur Garifullin from JSC “Belkamneft” named after A.A. Volkov. Extra award – the “Jury Sympathy Prize” – was awarded by the top managers of “Neftisa” to another representative of the JSC “Belkamneft” named after A.A. Volkov - Alexandra Nazarova.
     “The conference of young Specialists is not a formal event just “for show”. Projects of all the finalists deserve attention, they allow the heads of subsidiaries and the “Neftisa” group as a whole to look at the usual production processes from a different angle. During the evaluation of researches and discussions with the authors, we really got a lot of valuable information that can help our companies become even more efficient. I am grateful to all the participants of the conference for their involvement in the activities of their enterprises and wish them further development in the structure of our Group," said Andrey Zarubin, Director General of “Neftisa”.
     The winners of the Conference of Young Specialists received cash prizes and diplomas, and all the finalists of the event were awarded with memorable gifts.

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