Victory Poems

19 november 2019

      On November 8, 2019, on the basis of UAC «KCD «Youth Theater» in Kungur, a gala concert and the results of the competition of readers «Poetry of Victory» were held.
      This year the competition was dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Choosing the contest theme, the event organizers expected inspirational and patriotic speeches about courage and generosity, about the feelings of people during the war years, about the memory of generations and thanks for the Great Victory. Their expectations came true — almost all of the poems were devoted to military events, heroes of the Great Patriotic War, war veterans, home front workers and their families who forged Victory in the rear.
       In total, 27 students of educational institutions of the city of Kungur and the Kungursky municipal district from grades from 7 to 11 in 2 age categories: 7–9 grades and 10–11 grades, took part in the poetry reader’s competition «Poetry of Victory». 17 people — from urban schools, 10 — from rural. Residents of the Kungursky district can be proud that, according to the results of the competition, 8 representatives of the district educational system were awarded with diplomas, 3 of them received special prizes from the sponsors of the competition. Namely: Camilla Kashapova (Ust-Turkic school), Maxim Kiselev (Mazuninsky branch of the Lena school), Maxim Pachkolin (Istokovsky branch of the Lena school). In the age group of 10–11 classes (cash prize of 3,000 rubles), the winner was the student of the Lena school Anna Koksharova, who presented a reading of a fragment from the story of Boris Ryabinin — «He will be back» (teachers — Chernyshov N.I. and Denisova O.V.), In the age group of 7–9 classes (cash prize of 2,000 rubles), Violetta Kultysheva, a student at the Kalinin school, reading the work of Valentina Oseeva —«Grandmother» (teacher — Zhukova N.F.) became a prize winner of the 2nd degree.
      Connoisseurs of the reading contests assure that the reader from the stage should fully and completely get used to the artistic image, the situation being described, and in no case show his own emotions. How can an ordinary student do that? How to overcome the excitement and gain the necessary rigor but at the same time naturalness?.. This, of course, is first of all the task of a literature teacher who prepares a student for the performance. However, support of parents, friends, classmates is also valuable. Almost all the participants of the current contest successfully coped with these elementary truths.
       Members of the jury were determined by the Regulations on the competition. It included quite authoritative, competent and creative leaders of the Kama Region: KLEPTSIN Sergey Vitalievich, Deputy Of the legislative Assembly of the Perm region, Chairman of the Committee on social policy; ILYUKHINA Marina Valeryevna, Deputy Minister of culture of the Perm region; MAKSIMOVA Irina Vladimirovna, associate Professor of the Perm State Institute of Culture, head. Department of acting, directing and drama of the Moscow Institute of contemporary art (Perm branch); BUKIN Mark, actor of «Theater Theater»; CHASHCHUKHINA Ksenia Gennadyevna, head of the administrative and economic Department of the JSC «Uralnefteservis». They did their work in a highly professional and unbiased manner.
       The initiator of the contest Sergey v. LEPTIN thanked all the participants, their teachers and organizers. Special thanks to the partners and assistants of the event. These are: General partner — JSC «Uralnefteservis», Perm; municipal Autonomous cultural institution «City Leisure Center «Youth Theater» and its Director Elena Sergeevna Zakharova, Kungur; Autonomous non-profit organization «Women’s club «Gloria», Kungur. We have done a great job together with you — we gave our students a vector of inspiration for patriotism and creativity, for the study of the history of their native land and the glorification of their small homeland, gave them the opportunity to touch the world of art and simply show their artistic abilities. I hope that such events will not only diversify the impressions of our youth, but will also bring practical benefits in the formation of highly moral individuals and civil society as a whole.
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