Top Managers of JSC «NK «Neftisa» and «RussNeft» Paid a Working Visit to Udmurtia

30 september 2019

     Last weekend Udmurtia was paid a working visit by the Director General of JSC «NK «Neftisa» Andrei Zarubin and the President of PJSC «RussNeft» Yevgeny Tolochek. Both oil companies are part of the SAFMAR Industrial and Financial Group, which is headed by Mikhail Gutseriev.
     In the framework of the trip, Andrei Zarubin met with the Head of Udmurtia, Alexander Brechalov. During the meeting, prospects for further cooperation of the oil company with the government of the Udmurt Republic were discussed.
     It should be mentioned that two years ago in Izhevsk an agreement was signed on the development of youth hockey for 2018–2020 between the Head of Udmurtia and the General Director of JSC «NK «Neftisa». Within 3 years, the development of this sport in the republic will be supported in the amount of 450 million rubles by the SAFMAR Charitable Fund. Funds are allocated for the construction of indoor and outdoor hockey venues, and the holding of hockey tournaments.
      After meeting with the Head of the Republic, top managers of one of the largest Russian holdings went to the Karakulinsky district, to the Vyatka industrial base. Oil production is conducted there by Belkamneft JSC, a company that is part of JSC «NK «Neftisa». Dmitry Arsibekov, General Director of Belkamneft JSC named after A. A. Volkova, told his colleagues about the projects that are being implemented by the company on Vyatka area of the Arlansky field. The main tasks are to maintain a stable level of oil production and implement production program.
     This summer, the Belkamneft team produced 95 million tons of oil from the beginning of its development in August 1973 on the Vyatka area of the Arlanskoye field. Vyatka area is now the main pantry of Belkamneft JSC.
     The Institute of Oil and Gas of Udmurt State University, which bears the name of philanthropist and businessman Mikhail Safarbekovich Gutseriev, was not left without attention. In the institute’s laboratory, the managers of oil companies were presented with a unique setup that allows them to study the properties of formations under much more severe conditions than they actually are. After that, top managers visited the            University Museum of Rare Minerals and talked with students.
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