The economic benefit of energy efficiency measures has amounted to 38.5 million rubles for the first 9 months of 2018.

22 october 2018

The benefit of measures taken to improve energy efficiency has made up 38.5 million rubles for the first 9 months of 2018.

Neftisa company has summed up the results of the implementation of the energy efficiency program in 2018. Due to a set of measures to reduce energy consumption, the savings have amounted to more than 13,200 kWh or 38.5 million rubles.

Energy consumption in oil production is highly dependent on the pumping equipment. It accounts for more than 65% of electricity consumption at the production sites of the Group.

At the end of 2016, the specialists of JSC NK Neftisa Oil and Gas Production Department began implementing the first stage of measures to reduce energy consumption: the conversion of high capacity well stock to tubing of larger diameter, the introduction of submersible borehole pumps of a brand new, energy-efficient design and the usage of submersible AC electric motors instead of asynchronous ones. To date, these technologies have reduced energy consumption by 25% per well on average.

Moreover, the measures aimed to the conversion of a number of low-flow wells from centrifugal to progressive cavity pumps, the refusal of submersible heating cable lines in favour of tubing with an internal coating, thus increasing the flow rate due to reduced adhesion, has showcased the high level of efficiency.  
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