Brief Essay on the Training Repair and Insulation Work

27 september 2019

     Last week on the production base of one of the largest oilfield services companies in Almetyevsk, a training on Repair and Insulation Works (RIW) was conducted for representatives of all the «NK «Neftisa» Group of Companies. The training was attended by specialists from the departments of routine and overhaul wells.
     Conducting RIWs is a complex process that involves a large amount of work and occupies a special place in the system of geological and technical measures designed to stabilize the production process and increase the efficiency of formation use.
     Specialists of oilfield services company shared their rich experience in the Samara and Orenburg regions on the application of various technologies and solutions in the direction of RIW in terrigenous and carbonate formations. RIW technological solutions schemes were considered depending on the design of wells and geological conditions of the formation.
     The gained experience will surely find application in the fields in the Subsidiary of the JSC «NK «Neftisa».
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