Olga Prozorovskaya

Olga Prozorovskaya

Born January 14, 1965

Graduated from Ordzhonikidze Moscow Management Institute majoring in Engineer-Economist of Business Administration.

1987–1995, economist, junior researcher at the Central Scientific and Research Institute for Economics and Construction Management.

1995–1997, Senior State Tax Inspector, Chief State Tax Inspector at the State Tax Inspection of the Republic of Ingushetia.

1997–1999, tax expert, auditor, Head of Inspection and Review Department of Financial and Industrial Union B&N.

1999–2001, Deputy CEO for Economy and Finance of OAO All-Russian Institute of Light Alloys.

2001–2002, Deputy Head of Monetary and Finance Department of NGK Slavneft OAO.

2002, Chief Accountant of NK RussNeft OAO. 2004, Senior Vice President for Economy and Finance of the company.

2007–2009, CEO of NK Safmar.

January 2010, Senior Vice President for Economy and Finance of NK RussNeft PJSC.

In 2004, she was honored with an Acknowledgement from the Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation.