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MainThe main objectives

Environmental Protection and Industrial Safety

Activities of "Neftisa" in the area of environmental protection, industrial safety and labour protection are aimed at ensuring maximum reduction of environmental impact, rational use of natural resources, injury prevention, health protection of personnel and occupational safety.

The main objectives of "Neftisa" in the area of environmental and industrial safety:

  • Creation and implementation of integrated environmental and labour protection management system as an effectively functioning mechanism of industrial and environmental risks management consolidated with administration system of Company management.
  • Reduction of personnel injury by adoption of appropriate measures to achieve zero injury rates.
  • Ensuring systematic and effective reduction of negative impact of industrial activities on environment by ensuring safe and uninterrupted operation of technological equipment, introduction of new and advanced echnologies, regarding beneficial use of associated petroleum gas and waste products, rational use of natural resources.

In order to improve its work in the area of environmental protection, assessment and control of environmental risks, improvement of investment attractiveness, the Company has successfully implemented the Policy of "Neftisa" in the area of environmental and labour protection.