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"Neftisa" is a young and rapidly developing Russian petroleum company involved in the oil and gas extraction, processing and sales business.

The highest priorities for "Neftisa" are to create safe working conditions for its employees, to preserve the life and health of the personnel and population of the regions in which the company operates, to ensure favorable natural environment.

"Neftisa" realizes the scope of impact of its activities on the environment, the responsibility for environmental protection and assumes the obligations to:

  • Ensure compliance with the requirements set forth in the health, safety and environmental laws of the Russian Federation, regulatory documents and other requirements applicable to the company’s activities, including the international standards in areas such as environmental management and health and safety management.
  • Take all necessary action to prevent any threats jeopardizing the safety and health of employees and to mitigate adverse environmental effects.
  • Improve, on an ongoing basis, the health, safety and environmental management system, to raise corporate culture level in the field of occupational safety.

"Neftisa" performs the assumed obligations through:

  • the identification and assessment of health, safety and environmental risks and effective management of the identified risks;
  • the development and implementation of measures aimed at mitigating adverse environmental effects of the company’s activities, sound use of natural resources and energy, the implementation of low-waste technologies, the enhancement of environmental performance;
  • shaping favorable working conditions;
  • making the suppliers and contractors aware of the obligations provided for in this Policy, the existing health, safety and environmental standards of "Neftisa", demanding compliance therewith;
  • teaching the personnel, on an ongoing, basis, responsible attitude towards its own safety, health and environmental protection;
  • involving the employees in the identification and management of the risks associated with their activity;
  • allocating the necessary resources for ensuring effective operation of the health, safety and environmental management system;
  • improving methods for the planning, assessment and analysis of health, safety and environmental protection activities;
  • the development of information exchange with the external stakeholders (executive authorities, general public, contractors) in health, safety and environmental matters.

The company’s personnel are held personally liable for implementing the requirements for ensuring environmental and professional safety in the workplaces and at production sites of "Neftisa" within their respective authority limits.

The management of "Neftisa" assumes liability for implementing this Policy by setting the relevant goals and objectives, controlling and analyzing the health, safety and environmental activities performed by the Company.

The health, safety and environmental management system is intended to ensure the progressive sustainable development of "Neftisa".