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The main objectives of the social policy of “Neftisa” are improvement of the quality of life, employee’s growth capacity and charity work.

Annually “Neftisa” gets involved in projects referred to different spheres including running junior sport events and constructing of socially significant facilities. All these events are realizing within the frame of social and economic agreements with the executive government of the regions where the Company carries out operational activities.

Also as part of the abovementioned charity programs it pays a great attention to other projects such as health care, sport activities, education, World War II veterans and social-economic development of indigenous minority of the North.

“Neftisa” systematic and gradually implements principles of social responsibility in the regions where it operates. Also while business decisions acceptances the Company takes into consideration not only commercial but social and ecological factors.

There was organized a special job evaluation procedure of workplaces according to the satisfaction of the current legislation of the Russian Federation and for the purpose of the analysis work conditions of the Company staff. Basing on its results it was defined that some of the workplaces are correlated to the 2nd labor condition class and it’s provided for them a periodic health examination in order to avoid work accidents and professional diseases.

The Company guarantees to its employees decent and safe labour conditions and provides possibilities for the professional development and career growth.