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"Neftisa" provides a wide range of consulting services, namely:

Consulting services in geology and development:
  • exploration of prospects for development of the Customer's resource base;
  • preparation of geological and geophysical materials required for design exploration and audit of reserves according to the International Petroleum Resources Management System (PRMS) classification;
  • analysis of the implementation and development of recommendations for possible adjustments of the Exploration Program;
  • participation in the defense of exploration reports, reports on recalculation and calculation of the Customer's reserves on the level of the Company and public authorities;
  • work monitoring on the design of technical documents for the development of the Customer's field;
  • consultation on selection of wells for planning of geological and technical measures and evaluation of their  efficiency;
  • development of recommendations for the algorithm and design procedure of benchmark production and production on the basis of geological and technical measures implemented  for the estimation of planned production levels.
In capital construction:
  • analysis of the design documentation for construction of infrastructure facilities engaged in oil processing, transportation and metering, development of recommendations for reducing design and construction costs;
  • optimization of the estimate costs of the projected objects by selecting the most effective engineering decisions;
  • ensuring and organization of cooperation with design institutes and expert organizations in respect of preparation and adjustment of design tasks, adjustment of design decisions, acceptance of works and justification of the adopted design decisions;
  • preparation of Tender documents, analysis of tender offers for construction of infrastructure facilities for oil processing, transportation and metering, coordination of tender procedures;
  • construction organization services, construction management, participation in construction management of the Customer's facilities (facility construction planning, development of activity networks, monitoring of the construction works, conducting of work acceptance, control over project execution, activity networks and work schedules, coordination of cooperation with inspecting and supervisory authorities;
  • Consulting services referred to organization and management of construction and assembling operations, commissioning works, works related to acquisition of ownership of the objects of capital construction.



Bookkeeping and reporting by IAS

The Company's specialists perform a wide range of works related to preparation of customers’  reports according to International Accounting Standards (IAS), including:

  • restating financial statements according to IAS requirements;
  • IAS reporting;
  • Maintenance of IAS report audit.

Wide experience and high skills of the employees allow them to perform work in a relatively short time period and successfully pass International reporting audit.

1S Software Maintenance

The Company provides the whole package of services for maintenance of 1S software products for "1S:Predpriyatie”-based solutions:

  • installation, updating and maintenance of various 1S software solutions on the basis of “1S:Predpriyatie” system;
  • adaptation of standard hardware/software package for corporate needs and development of new functional modules for automation of accounting specifics;
  • maintenance and setting of data exchange between remote databases;
  • maintenance of SQL-servers to be used by software solutions within “1S:Predpriyatie” system;
  • consulting and training of the personnel to work with “1S:Predpriyatie” system solutions, and monitoring of the proper use of the functionality of software solutions;
  • remote service of ”1S:Predpriyatie” system configurations;
  • Setting of data exchange with other accounting software products.
Legal Consulting

The Company provides a wide range of legal consulting services in corporate law, real estate business, currency exchange operations, labor laws and taxation.

Tax Consulting

Participation in development and approval of accounting policy projects for taxation purposes for the current year.

Development of recommendations for the changes  applicable for  the current laws on taxes and duties.

Consulting on taxation issues.