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"Neftisa" has been successfully operating in the oil market since 2008. Among the main activities of Neftisa are prospecting and development ofhydrocarbon reservoirs, oil production, gas condensate recovery, conversion of oil-associatedgas; oil, gas, and oil products sales, as well as rendering a wide range ofservices:

  • supervising services: maintenance and monitoring of oil servicing works;
  • consulting services in geology: oil-and-gas fields development, extraction;
  • construction, and operation;
  • provision of information and analytical, and consulting services forbusiness.

Geographic reach of Neftisa includes several Russian regions, like the Tyumen,the Novosibirsk, and the Samara regions, the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Area(Yugra, the Komi Republic, the Udmurt Republic, and the Perm Territory).

Subsurface users of the Company are divided depending on the territory and industryinto the following groups:

  1. North-Western (the Komi Republic).
  2. West Siberian (the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Area, the Tyumen Region).
  3. Central Siberian (the Novosibirsk Region).
  4. Udmurtskaya (the Udmurt Republic).
  5. Permskaya (the Perm Territory).
  6. Povolzhskaya (the Samara Region).

There are 90 oil-and-gas fields currently under development.

The total volume of oil extracted by "Neftisa" exceeds 346,6 mln. tons.